Men's Playgroup

We have recently formed a Men's Group at St Stephen’s, the purpose of which is to help with jobs that need to be done in and around church, fellowship also being one of our aims.

We generally meet once a month for a few hours to have a look at how we can help with  maintenance and work that requires attention. There isn't a regimented plan, just an easygoing pace, nothing drastic!

Bacon butties and tea and coffee is provided.  We enjoy friendship and fellowship, working together for the good of the church.  If you're interested in joining us, let Keith know (01282 414390). We will be very welcoming to anyone who would like to come and 'play' with us!!


A great team of lads turned up at our usual  get-together on the second Tuesday.  It seems some of our chaps are quietly dieting as there was more chat  than  bacon and  egg butties. You can always  count on the dedicated ones  to take up the offer of our northern cuisine.



As reported in last months magazine The Crypt was  on the agenda, and what a mucky place that was.  Many, many  years of muck and rubbish had accumulated making it quite an unpleasant place to enter.  Thanks to our team of dedicated helpers, we now have a clear  under-floor area known  as ‘The Crypt’. Someone commented “You could eat your dinner off that floor!”  “I think not!”, was my reply.  JC’s trailer came  in handy to remove much rubbish. 


  The Oxford road porch  had a lovely  yearly weed  garden growing   from  the roof, now pruned and sprayed stopping  further growth.

  You will notice that bedding plants have now been planted in the     small memorial garden at the side of the Smalley Street entrance, also the planters on the main entrance to church have been refreshed with lovely bedding plants. All donated by a one of our own.

In the two hours or so we are at church, much work is done helping the Vicar and the wardens, keeping the church in shape and clean and tidy. A great team of lads – Thank you

Happy Birthday to John Catlow who was  21 again on  June 21st - Hope you had another brilliant 21st Birthday - AGAIN !

We meet every second Tuesday at the community room in the kitchen. I’m hoping we will need a larger kitchen soon - Come  along  and join us – It’s great to meet up and have a natter and a munch as they say.

Have a great summer break and I’ll be back in September with news of what we’ve been up to over the summer months.