Men's Playgroup

We have recently formed a Men's Group at St Stephen’s, the purpose of which is to help with jobs that need to be done in and around church, fellowship also being one of our aims.

We generally meet once a month for a few hours to have a look at how we can help with  maintenance and work that requires attention. There isn't a regimented plan, just an easygoing pace, nothing drastic!

Bacon butties and tea and coffee is provided.  We enjoy friendship and fellowship, working together for the good of the church.  If you're interested in joining us, let Keith know (01282 414390). We will be very welcoming to anyone who would like to come and 'play' with us!!


We are growing!!

Phew we do work hard us lads! Yes, we turn our hand to almost anything. Although we were thin on the ground at our November meeting, we were happy to see our pal Geoff Kay come along and join us.  Mr Kay has now retired although he still looks like a lad - flattery  will get you everywhere.

Bob Davies popped in too to make  the bacon butties. . Word travels fast. Nice one Bob as they say.

Thanks to Jim for painting  the internal  notice boards. We’re  jigging them to make them look more within and not without  also not  too intrusive. Although they looked OK, it’s nice to have a change now and again, it keeps things fresh. Thanks too, Jim for keeping up with all the paint  touching-up in the community room.  He does love it really if truth be known.

We have now started cleaning the tower (not the one in Blackpool)  and the church tower steps. Geoff has started this and it’s looking a lot better now, not Geoff, the steps!  However we still need to do a bit more vacuuming and sweeping, time will tell.

Yours truly has agreed to clean the clock room, there’s muck up there from years ago. At least I know how long I’ll be up there with the clock face staring  me in the face, although I’ll be viewing it from the wrong side, very confusing.. By thy way  did I mention  how bright it shines in the hours of darkness? Well have a look when you’re passing. It might change colour at Christmas depending on what the rector says! His decision is final and “I think I’m unanimous in that” as Mrs Slocombe would say.

John Catlow is a dab hand with his screw drivers and torch. Now he has a head lamp which reminded me of Torchy the little battery boy, for all those who remember it from a children’s BBC programme. Now I am showing my age!John and I carried out an under-floor inspection at our last meeting. I haven’t seen him since, if anyone finds him please email me with his whereabouts, someone said he was still in the boiler room.  I have heard shouts of Help!  when passing but think it was the wind.

Would you believe we are still on with the kitchen project..?. With the church being refurbished all summer  it has taken a back seat as  it were. Hopefully we are now back on track  and hope to help Linda, Beverley and Jean plan out what needs doing. We now have some funding to get things cracking.

Well the dark nights are here and nights are dark aren’t they. Roll on springtime when we will see the crocuses and daffs popping their heads up after a long rest. Will it snow or won’t it, who knows these days of global warming, although it doesn’t exist in America does it?  according to their president!

Have a wonderful time with all your loved ones over the Christmas period. It’s time to get Bing Crosby out of the cupboard for another year. I wonder if Irvin Berlin ever imagined that his composition would be one of the most famous songs ever written. Boom!

A Happy New a Year to each and every one of you – From all  of us to all of You with all our love.  Keith & The Lads ...

... If you’d like to come and  join us in December please feel free to come along.

We usually meet on the second Tuesday of the month about 10am - . No Agenda – No Rules – No charge – it’s all FREE and of course FREE &EASY . There won’t be any mince pies or turkey butties just egg and bacon butts as usual, and plenty of tea and coffee ... And a good natter! Keith