Men's Playgroup

We have recently formed a Men's Group at St Stephen’s, the purpose of which is to help with jobs that need to be done in and around church, fellowship also being one of our aims.

We generally meet once a month for a few hours to have a look at how we can help with  maintenance and work that requires attention. There isn't a regimented plan, just an easygoing pace, nothing drastic!

Bacon butties and tea and coffee is provided.  We enjoy friendship and fellowship, working together for the good of the church.  If you're interested in joining us, let Keith know (01282 414390). We will be very welcoming to anyone who would like to come and 'play' with us!!


Be Proud  ...

A year has passed and what a year it’s been! Our band of happy lads have  been hard at work each month in helping keep the church interior and exterior up to standard as best we can and within our capabilities.

Our group is small in numbers but having said that,  we all get on fantastically well  when we meet up once a month at church. In the monthly  two hours that have  met during the year  we’ve  managed  to consume gallons of tea and coffee along with a mountain of bacon and egg butties.

Whatever job needs doing, it gets done, although two hours turns into many hours during the weeks when our faithful men AND women   turn up to empty bins, clear the garden of leaves cut the grass,  clear  old used  bottles,  cans and litter that has  been kindly donated to the church by passing trade. An ongoing problem. What happened to Keep Britain Tidy ?

Dare I say it? We’ve been occasionally joined   by a couple of ladies during our meeting which enhances the joking and banter we have between us. Please do come along everyone, you’re  all welcome.

We carry on with the scrubbing of the railings although the weather defines our indoor and outdoor activities. Comments  were, “it’ll get done”.

If anyone is good at stone pointing please get in touch. The steps to the main  entrance require work as the old mortar has perished  over the years . I’m sure we can cope with that instead of bringing in stonemasons, contractors to do the job. A laborious task indeed.

The internal clock LED  illumination lighting lamps have  had to be replaced due to  night-time use. They haven’t  done too bad over the two years they’ve been  in operation shining brightly over Burnley Wood. Does anyone actually notice it during the hours of darkness.

We continue to be assisted in the tip run with Johns trailer, a Godsend . You wouldn’t believe  how much rubbish we clear every month due to things  left behind in church (hint hint). We give it a couple of months then if no one claims it, to the tip it goes. Fly tipping has been in operation in the church yard, the perpetrators caught on CCTV which was embarrassing for one gentleman who commented. “Not me I don’t live round here”.  You have to laugh! 

A clean and tidy church is a healthy church and sends a good signal out to people who visit our church and community room.

Mr Screwfix -

On a final note – Our  prayers have been with Judith and John Hughes over the past months. John is an important part our team and we miss him.

It’s good to know that John is doing well and it is hoped he will be back with us in the new year with his enthusiasm, advice and encouragement  in the work we carry out for the church.

We hear that Les Walsh has been poorly over the past few months. Get well soon Les. You’re Always  willing to help others which is appreciated .   I’m sure you’re in good hands during this time  You and Marilyn are also in our prayers.

God bless and Happy Christmas and A very prosperous and Happy New Year

Keith & The Bacon Butty Brigade.